10 Tough Questions To Ask Before Buying A Car

This report was created as a public service for men and women of all ages who are thinking about buying a new or used car.

It is important that you read this entire report before visiting any used or new car dealer. The information contained in this brief report will help you save money and can prevent you from being a victim of unethical or dishonest car dealers. If you know someone who is thinking about buying a new or pre-owned vehicle, please share this report with them too.

I have found over my years of experience that people who ask these questions get a better deal when they buy a car and are happier with their purchase.

Tough Question Number 1: Can you provide references or testimonials of people you have done business with in the past?

Very few car dealers can answer this question. In many cases, this is because they have very few satisfied customers. If a dealer doesn’t have a list of satisfied customers who you can call and speak to about their purchases or letters of recommendation and references of people they have worked with in the past, you should shop elsewhere.

Many dealers lure customers in to the dealership with big promises, only to hassle them with high-pressure tactics when they get there. Those dealers don’t have happy customers. My recommendation to you is not to do business with any dealer who doesn’t have a long list of happy customers.

Tough Question Number 2: Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Once again, very few dealers offer a guarantee of any kind. Why would you want to risk spending money with someone who isn’t willing to stand behind the cars they sell? I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t recommend you too either.

When someone I care about is shopping for a car, I urge them to consider the guarantee that is included. It may seem like you’re getting a good deal from a dealer or a private seller. But that good deal can quickly turn into a nightmare if you experience problems with the vehicle once you drive off.

We offer a For The People Guarantee, which means that every single car on our lot has been inspected and certified by a qualified mechanic. We guarantee each vehicle to be safe and road ready, offering trouble free maintenance.

When you ask about our guarantee, we’ll be happy to give you the full details, in writing.

Tough Question Number 3: What do you do to prepare a vehicle for sale?

When asked this question, most car salesman will give you a blank look. Why? Because they don’t do anything but a quick wash. When you’re paying thousands of dollars for a vehicle, you deserve to receive something more.

We put every pre-owned vehicle on our lot through our exclusive age-defying car spa process that restores the luster and shine to the exterior, freshens up the interior by promoting that “new car smell” and makes leather interiors supple and soft and all surfaces shine like new. And that’s just the beginning.

Tough Question Number 4: Why should I buy a car from you versus anyone else?

In most cases, the stuttering and stammering will continue. Most people will tell you that you should choose them because of price, service or selection. In the car business, this means absolutely nothing.

Low price in the car business is an empty promise. All vehicles are priced based on supply and demand in the marketplace. So you will likely get a very similar price no matter where you shop. But if a dealer is promising a price that is too good to be true, then it most likely is…too good to be true. They will make up the difference in the back room by tacking on additional fees.

Service is another poor answer to this question. Service should be expected by you. It should not be a selling feature of a dealership. Providing good service should be a requirement, not a bonus. But sadly, most people who promise good service fail to deliver. It’s far easier to talk about good service than it is to deliver it.

Finally, selection. The power of selection is a myth in the car business. Almost every dealer visits the auction at least once per week. A caring dealer can find any vehicle you want within a matter of days. So this makes the physical selection at the dealership very unimportant. It’s just one more thing to talk about.

You should buy a car from someone who is able to give you a quick and powerful answer to this question…someone who actually provides something beneficial to you.

Tough Question 5: Are you a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association?

A dealer who is not a member of the national association is a member who has not agreed to the association’s strict code of ethics. This code of ethics binds used car dealers to a standard of operation that protects the interests of the customers.

Do not buy a car from anyone who is not a member. Of course, we are long time member of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and adhere to their strict code of ethics.

Tough Question Number 6: Can you help me arrange financing at competitive rates?

Many dealers will be able to connect you with a financing source. But many dealers fail to help people who have had credit problems in the past.

This is because banks and finance companies base their decisions in large part on the relationship they have with the dealer. A dealer who has good relationships with finance companies will be better able to help you obtain financing.

But building these relationships takes time, energy, and patience – which many people lack.

Ask for a list of finance companies the dealer works with and if you’re given any hassle about your credit, turn and walk away.

We help hundreds of people who have had credit problems obtain fair financing every year. We have a list available for you to see and we will never hassle you about your credit.

Tough Question Number 7: What is my credit score?

This is especially important for anyone who believes they may have credit problems.

It’s not uncommon for dealers to tell you that you have worse credit than you actually do. This allows them to penalize you with higher rates, which allows them to make more money.

If a dealer won’t tell you your credit score, leave.

We will tell you what your score is and we have created a helpful guide which helps you understand what your credit score means, whether you have bad, fair, good or excellent credit, and gives you tips on how to restore your credit.

Tough Question Number 8: Do you require a large down payment?

You’ve probably heard stories in the past (or maybe it’s even happened to you) about people being asked to make a very large down payment on a vehicle. In most cases today a large down payment is not necessary.

But many dealers demand large down payments because that allows them to offer you a lower monthly payment while still over-charging you for the vehicle.

Tough Question Number 9: What will you offer me for my trade in?

Most people who choose to upgrade their vehicle currently own another vehicle. This usually leads to a dealer trade in.

Trade-in prices are determined by the NADA Black Book or the Kelly Blue Book. When you are presented with an offer for your trade in, you should ask how that compares with the Blue Book or Black Book values. If there is a big difference, you should leave.

We include the Blue Book value of your trade-in along with our trade-in offer so you can see for yourself that we aren’t playing any games.

Tough Question Number 10: What is your percentage of repeat business?

Almost nobody will be able to answer this. That’s because most dealers don’t have any repeat business. If a dealership isn’t proud of their repeat business percentage, they are probably not doing a very good job. That should be a big red flag to you. If past customers aren’t returning to shop again, should you ever shop there in the first place? 45% of all of our business comes from repeat and referral business. Not only does this prove that we create exceptionally happy customers, but it also allows us to spend less money advertising for new customers. Then we pass the savings on to you, our new customer.

I am very happy to have the chance to share this information with you. Please accept my invitation to visit me personally at my dealership or call me on the phone whenever you have a question about car buying or are thinking about buying a vehicle for you or someone you love

This Report Was Prepared By Roger Farr, Clay McCombs, and Keith Hughes As A Free Service To The People Of TThis Report Was Prepared By Neil Quaintance As A Free Service To The People Of Spokane Valley, WA.win Falls, ID.

If you’re ready to work with a car dealer who really cares, a dealer FOR THE PEOPLE®, happy to schedule a totally free consultation between you and one of our expert transportation advisors. You can call ahead to set an appointment or show up anytime. We’re looking forward to your visit!

~ Neil Quaintance

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