31 Fun Ways To Start The New Year

I hear it every year, people start New Year’s resolutions on January 1st and by the 31st, those goals are gone. But starting the year with a failed resolution doesn’t feel good. So instead, I propose we start the New Year with something fun. Every day this month I’m going to try something new. So take the challenge with me and try to do something new all 31 days, or pick a few favorites and do them throughout January.

  1. Listen to a new genre of music.
  2. Cook something new for dinner.
  3. Wear a clothing combo you’ve never tried before.
  4. Explore a store you’ve never been to.
  5. Take a new route to work.
  6. Find a unique way to tell a family member you love them.
  7. Start reading a new book.
  8. Write a poem about something that makes you happy.
  9. Download and play a new mobile game on your phone.
  10. Do something nice for a co-worker.
  11. Find and listen to the first episode of a new podcast.
  12. Try a snack you’ve never had.
  13. Buy & burn a candle scent you’ve never tried.
  14. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  15. Write with a new pen color (try something fun like purple or green!)
  16. Order a new drink at the coffee shop.
  17. Change up your workout routine.
  18. Organize a closet or cabinet in your house that needs it.
  19. Take a picture of something beautiful and share it online.
  20. Bake something you’ve never made before.
  21. Draw a picture of something that makes you happy.
  22. Send a handwritten letter in snail mail to someone you love.
  23. Fix something in your house you’ve been meaning to.
  24. Play a game you’ve never tried before.
  25. Visit a local park you’ve never been to.
  26. Eat at a restaurant you’ve never visited.
  27. Clean or organize your space at work.
  28. Start learning a new skill.
  29. Pick and start a new TV show.
  30. Send someone a handwritten thank you note.
  31. List 5 reasons you’re excited to start the New Year.

I hope you join me for this 31 days of fun challenge. But whether you do or don’t, I hope you have a happy New Year!