For When You’re More Than A Little Chilly

Woo-wee! It’s blustery out there! But with these quick tips, you’ll be sure to stay warm all through the day (and night)!

Use The Fan

It may seem counterintuitive, but using the fan when it’s cold outside will actually help circulate the warm air, as it rises.

Bake Something

Using the oven will help heat up your house, so now is a great time to start all that holiday baking you’ve been thinking about.

Wear A Hat And Layers

A thick, winter jacket is a great start to staying warm, but don’t forget to pile on the layers. Wearing sweaters or thermal underclothes will help insulate your jacket and keep you warm. Don’t forget your head! We lose a lot of heat through our heads, so it’s important to remember your hat too.

Arrange Your Furniture Away From Exterior Walls

When temperatures drop, it’s time for some new feng shui! Rearrange your furniture so that couches and beds are away from exterior walls. Your rooms (and you) will stay warmer.

Forget Your Gloves

It might mean that you’ll have to do without your cell phone, but if you want to keep your hands warm, you should opt for mittens instead of gloves. Mittens keep the hands warmer by bundling the fingers together, which helps them retain heat.

Don’t Forget Your Feet

Start with insulated, weatherproof boots and make sure you layer your socks as well, wool socks will keep your keep toasty warm. Layering with a silk sock on the outside will also help because silk is a poor conductor of cold.

Some mornings the cold might make you feel like you just want to stay in bed, but these quick tips will help you stay warm even on the coldest of days. I hope they help keep you cozy all winter long.

Stay warm!